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Nicholas Garcia this album burns through like a prairie fire - once it begins, you can do nothing to stop it save dig the trenches that define the beginning and the end of the forest. the vocals ring out and stab like the bastard child of a snarling david yow and a contemplating michael stipe: the instrumentation is big and bold, equal measures desperation and bravado. from the first bombastic cymbal crash of "in love. in glasgow" to the galloping last stand of the title track, this record sticks to your bones. Favorite track: Jubilee.
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Infinite Thanks to "Dirty" Jon Hasselbring, Josh Klein, Gabriel Tongate, Jenny Daab, Keaton Daab, Cora Daab, Jen Harper, Sarah Meltzer Allen, Ron Schmitt, Linda Schmitt, Kim Schmitt, Aaron McCallister, Colin Larson, Chris Parker, Barbara Zukowski, Rachel Wittrig, Beardy, Damien Schlitt, Paige Spangler, Lorenzo Baber, Aroon Karuna, Withershins, WitchFeet, Grandkids, Scanlines, Tender Mercy, Damp Hay, New Ruins (RIP), The Dirty Gentlemen, Derrick Hart, Brief Candles, The Dirty Feathers, Oceans (RIP), Tractor Kings, Native, Take Care, Light Pollution, Trip The Light Fantastic, Brighton MA, Molehill, Harder to Fall, Panel Van, Quenchers, Elbo Room, Mike & Molly's, Cowboy Monkey, Pizza Works, The Red Barn, Whammy Bar (RIP), Black Dog BBQ, Primetime Pizza (RIP), Heirship Records, Phantom Note Productions, Busch Light, Mickey's, Fireball, & Everyone Who's Helped Us Along The Way And Our Memory Is Too Terrible To Enumerate.


released September 30, 2014

Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Aaron McCallister at Earth Analog.
Mastered by Colin Larson. Written by Hot Cops!



all rights reserved


Hot Cops! Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: In Love. In Glasgow
Some of us were still fucking ghosts
when there was this scene on the sound of the Islay
all the coquettes in the gorse being washed away
In reverie of St. Murdoch’s verse
Morrissey was the devil back then
Hell, he still is. He always has been.

And the dead were ringing in my ear.
The dead are telling me it’s near

I’ve grown old in your swaddlin’ arms
Yea, there was this drink in my blood when you came to me.
10,000 strong of the finest from Balvenie.
See, I was less than the sum of parts
And now I feel the darkest depart.
Some of us were still fucking ghosts
when there was this scene on the rocks of the isle Islay
all the coquettes in a heather being washed away
In reverie of something I am not
but I would like to be:
A voice for epiphany
Track Name: Death of a Young Dark Horse
Bring me my knife
I wanna loose my tongue tonight
Lay out my life
on a table in the summer light

I watch the moon pool at its chest,
taper, and wash away...
The best stopped coming
When I lost the heart of a young dark horse

Decades in tow
behind the beaming of a fatal glow
Fevering verse into a cure
that’s now a habit

I hold the seed that lies unsown
and watch a red fern grow alone
I’ve grown tired
Mourning the death of a young dark horse

Make an effigy of the maps
and put a fucking flag in its place
The snow and ash stopped rising
when the ties that bound caved in.

I’m done crying
Track Name: Post-Colonial Love Song
Last night I saw the earth devour the horizon
it’s like the last time we kissed
on the night that gave me command to subjugate this wicked land
I’ll make you happy, girl. You don’t have a say in this

There’s a trail of girls between you and me
they’re only territory

Baby, I swear that I am a changed man
it only took the sting of a thousand poison blades to remind me of your hand
stopped reading Henry Miller, started reading Emily Post
now I know the right hand to hold you with when I toast

It took so much sin just to break you in
and now you’re sitting at the foot of my bed
with your Christian mouth and your Christian tongue
and your Christian knees that bend down for another man
I think you grew up wrong, you grew up too strong
and sometimes I think your thighs could crush me in your sleep
I wanna kiss you in the room you were born in
My darling, this is our place now

Outside these gates, are the busts of every woman that I once loved
and they’re waiting on a train (Only Territory)
pressing tiny flowers into books they cannot pray
now here’s your last empty volume and here is your last bouquet

There is nothing left between you and me
You’re only territory
Track Name: Ooooarethoserollerskates
I was alright, but I could not sleep that night
I was alright...I think
You were upset at the hotel Pere Marquette
I wasn’t there yet...I would

She said "This time you can't take these words back"

The cardinal’s call would not get me through the fall
And you’ll never call.
If you’d say hello to the vacuum you used to know
I could let go.

We were prairie dock, we were goldenrod
We weren’t permanent, rooted from the sod
I just want to sleep
for once
Track Name: Lonely Nights, Seneca Falls
Mary, I can’t give you the moon
I spoke too soon and now the satellite is caught in Spanish broom
Our Genesee grew brutalist
and they insist that we are fortunate enough to coexist
in a world they own and always will
There is no hill they haven’t razed. There is no town they wouldn’t turn into a till

Beneath a golden canopy
I prayed that we would make it past our paper anniversary
But paper’s more than I can afford
There is a debt no honest man can pay and I would like some day to see my lord.

I believe your love is meant for greater men
You should never have to feel that doubt again

The family church returned to stone
Building and Loan became a BOA and took our only home
The bridge collapsed; the river froze.
We cannot choose a pace for tragedy, Mary, it always comes to us in droves
Track Name: Tire Fire In Logan Square!
There was a tire fire in Logan Square
and the kindling was vinyl and matte black hair
to your pitch black feet I was pitching woo
we were listening to Benjamin channeling Lou.

These kids wrapped bike chains around their necks
and hung like stations from every deck
of every brownstone. We fall asleep
to the sway of the bodies, the swell of the heap.

My crooked teeth, my dizzy spells
my acne scars, my palsy bells
the fear that radiates from my stem:
I hope you’ll love me in spite of them.
Track Name: Lover, You Should Have Stayed Home
When we drove down
Into the Memphis abandon, to the harbor where he drowned
With candy-red palms
You lifted up my head and said “I need you to be calm.”

“We cannot be atoned.
I need to be my own.
I need to sleep alone.
Lover, you should’ve stayed home.”
We don’t function

I twisted, I twisted and
You put on Lorelei
and murmured “kick his chain”, as we merged on 55

"Lover, you should've stayed home."
Track Name: Burn The Sheets
Oh leaving love, I miss the state
you put me in (a quiet crate)
to cling to bars and atrophy
before your dark facsimile
She creeps in spasms through this place
and now she’s mimicking your face
am I a Polly Anna or will you come back?
Will you come back?

The bed breaks its spine
This is a sign you’re leaving

I burn the sheets we used to swell
it leaves me in a dizzy spell
I pass out from the smoke and heat
and settle at the demon’s feet
the sun illuminates its claws
it’s waiting while a pregnant pause
bears down with its duplicity
on me

The sun, it’s weight bears down on me

Don’t want you coming back
There is a monster here, mimicking your face
but your sweetest glow, it cannot replace
Track Name: Jubilee
When you came in
For the first time since we broke even
I was scared of the trial, I was bridling bile
I was wiping the dust from the courage that you’d left on my mantle
Because I’d spent a lot on you and you’d spent a lot of me


When you came here
and we broke the bed like we used to, dear,
and not each other’s setting bones, our sleeping catacombs would splay
and our demons would keep us at bay
When you’d thrown a lot for you and you’d thrown a lot for me...